We started this project in May and belive us there was plenty to do. We had to set up a website for a renting house in mykonos. The problem wa that therew any preparation for this project rom the owners. No ideas, no choices.

We worked very hard to create a fast website with plenty of photos on it with european standars od design section. This project gave us the chance to explore a lot of paths in web development. These days we were only two people in team.

We created CRM client system, newsletter systems, contact and support for any question. The social media were important too. A facebook account and all google services like google maps were difficult to set up in a little time. You know, Google wants some certifications to upload something to their system. Also the booking engine system was something that we hadn't see in the past. We found free solutions for no extra fees in the feature in a securised enviroment for payments wich procceded via paypal.

Finally it was fun to create some automations. A messenger bot was the best solutions in order not to have a support center. We still update the site with our customer choices. Promo codes, email adresses are all under our umbrela and we are hap that we are trusted.

Visit http://www.albamykonos.gr to check out our work